Sunday, September 6, 2009

End of Life Kills Obamacare?

Democrats have spent the past two weeks trying to convince elderly American voters that only right-wing whackos could believe that Obamacare will lead to rationed healthcare or “death counseling” to convince those over 65 that they should help cut health care costs by, well, dying.

Section 1233 of H.R. 3200, the House bill that facilitates a government takeover of America’s health care system, has recently come under fire for including so-called “end of life” counseling in a “cost cutting” measure. The Senate has pulled the language from their latest version of the bill. (Stay tuned: there’s as many new versions every day as aircraft taking off from Reagan National Airport.)

Are these fears real? Perhaps the answer can be garnered from the past activities of the key drafters of the House Obamacare bills.

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