Monday, November 30, 2009

Vatican Daily Reminds Obama that the U.S. is increasingly Pro-life

It looks like the L’Osservatore Romano (LOR) is finally catching on to Barack Obama's deceptive ways...

Via CNA:

L’Osservatore Romano (LOR) published an article last week reminding U.S. President Barack Obama that the number of Americans who oppose abortion continues to be on the rise. This was recently demonstrated by the nearly 200,000 signatures to the "Manhattan Declaration," a document drafted by various Christian leaders in defense of life, marriage, the family and religious freedom.

LOR said: "The political and spiritual weight of the Manhattan Declaration is thus evident" as "this is a crucial moment for the Obama administration since the president's credibility is at risk over promises made during the campaign season, considering the not-so-encouraging results of the latest polls on the president's popularity."

In recent days "the spotlight is on health care reform," which is currently being debated in the Senate, with a bill that is "quite different from the one approved only weeks ago by the House of Representatives." That bill prohibited the use of federal funds for abortion and established conscience protections through the Stupak amendment, which was lauded by the U.S. bishops.

LOR pointed out that the difference in between the two bills cannot be considered an accident. “In fact it was Obama himself, in a recent interview, who said that the Stupak Amendment introduced unbalanced language in the health care reform and that "women's choices" should not be restricted.

Thus, LOR argued, Obama is moving between two contrary positions: that of keeping his campaign promises "not to use federal funds for abortion and that the right to conscientious objection be respected," and that of "influential pro-choice groups who demand an ultimate liberalization of abortion practices."

After noting that the Manhattan Declaration clearly defends life and opposes abortion, LOR explained that "polls in recent months show that the number of those who are pro-life continues to rise and is now larger than the number of Americans” who think unrestricted abortions should be allowed during the course of pregnancy.

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Health Care Reform and Personhood (American Life League video)

On November 30, Katie Walker, American Life League Communications Director, appeared on MSNBC's "Morning Meeting" to discuss the deadly provisions listed in the current health care reform bills. As Katie mentions, pro-lifers are concerned about upholding the dignity of the human person. This isn't just about abortion -- there are many human life issues in these bills, which concern us: abortion, euthanasia, rationed health care, no conscience protections for health care issues.. Bottom line: The personhood of every human being from their biological beginnning  has to be the foundation of any discussion on human health care reform.

Democrat Bob Casey Will Work to Remove Abortion Funding From Senate Bill

Casey calls himself "pro-life", but he not only endorsed the most pro-abort president in history, but he campaigned for him and delivered a speech for him at the convention last year. So I'll believe this when I see it :)

As one of just two Democrats in the Senate who call themselves pro-life, Bob Casey of Pennsylvania is in a position to become the leader within his party on efforts to remove abortion funding from the health care bill. On Tuesday, Casey said he would do just that.

Casey confirmed he will work to try to remove the massive abortion funding in the bill that comes through the insurance plans offered in the proposed health insurance exchange via the public option and affordability credits.

The House bill includes an amendment by Rep. Bart Stupak that removed the abortion funding and Casey told Congressional Quarterly he will push for something similar, but would not say he would oppose the Senate health care bill if abortion funding remains.

Casey said there is "work to be done" on the issue of abortion funding, adding, There's an obvious difference on where the House came down and where the Senate is."

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