Thursday, October 22, 2009

Don't Shut Us Out


As a candidate for President, Barack Obama promised us transparency and an open forum when it came to health care. President Obama has instead met behind closed doors, away from the public, and away from the press. Send a message to the President: Dont Shut us Out by visiting

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Behind Closed Doors

 This is an interesting video which accurately portrays what's happening in DC:


By Judie Brown

In her seminal book Dialogues with the Devil, Taylor Caldwell digs deep into a fictional Lucifer’s psyche as well as that of Saint Michael the Archangel. While it is a work of fiction, there are profound insights throughout, including Lucifer’s description of human beings who choose to do evil. He tells Saint Michael, “Evil is madness and has no pity, and therefore it is confusion thrice compounded. Evil men possess no wits. They are easily led to believe what they wish to believe.”

These succinct phrases are very applicable to that grave fear of the unknown many Americans experience at the thought of the federal government managing everyone’s health insurance. My sense is that these concerns are not far off the mark. A visit to the real world is in order before anyone jumps up to claim that Judie Brown is just a right-wing fanatic who doesn’t care about all those millions of Americans without health insurance. This persistent allegation about my intentions is false, but what I am about to share is very real.

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House Close to Votes for Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill, But Senate Another Story

House leaders triumphantly announced yesterday that they are close to having enough votes to approve a health care bill with a public option that includes abortion funding. However, the Senate is another story as lawmakers shy away from supporting the government option that expands abortion funding further.

As reported on Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked her top lieutenants to conduct a vote count to determine where members of the party stand on HR 3200, which pro-life groups oppose.

The results came back showing 210 of the 218 lawmakers needed to support the pro-abortion bill are on board.

However, the Senate is a different ball game entirely because support for a bill with the public option is much weaker.

As the Associated Press notes in a new story today, "Obama and Democratic leaders have modest leverage over several pivotal Senate Democrats who are more concerned about their next election or feel they have little to lose by opposing their party's hierarchy."

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'Abortion crushes hope,' says Rep. Chris Smith

Chris Smith, along with Bart Stupak, is one of the most prominent and active pro-lifers in the House of Representatives.

Pro-life leaders gathered in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday afternoon to discuss the danger of federally-funded abortion being a part of health care reform. One speaker, Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.), said that although President Obama ran his presidential campaign on “hope,” “abortion crushes hope” and is “its polar opposite.”

The press conference took place at the House Triangle, a grassy triangular area near the Capitol Building. Others present were: Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.), Representatives Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and Mike Pence (R-Ind.) as well as the organizations Focus on the Family Action, Susan B. Anthony List, National Right to Life Committee, Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America. These organizations are really "for women", not the pro-aborts who claim to be, and injure women with abortion.

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