Monday, September 14, 2009

Sebelius Says Obama Will Change Bill to Ban Abortion Funding, Pro-Lifers Doubtful

In a weekend interview, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said President Barack Obama wants a change in the language of the main House health care "reform" bill to ensure it doesn't allow taxpayer-funded abortions. However, a pro-life group that has exposed the abortion funding is doubtful that will happen.
At issue is HR 3200, the government-run health care plan that includes the Capps Amendment that would open the door for massive abortion funding in both the public option and the tax subsidies for people to purchase health  insurance.

I'm certainly am not going to hold my breath. There's two things that both Sebelius and Obama have in common -- they both lie frequently and they are both gung-ho culture of death advocates.

Feast of the Sorrowful Mother

Today is the feast of the Sorrowful Mother. Tonight, over dinner in Washington DC, I listened with moist eyes to the stories of ten mothers of special needs children describe their experiences. Children undergoing dozens of surgeries, on ventilators, and suffering pain. A mother feels all the pain the child feels and more, she feels the pain of not being able to remove her child's suffering.
But there is something ever more painful; when your child suffers neglect and even abuse at the hands of those whom you trusted; medical professionals who believe your child should die,that her life is not worth living, and hasten her death.
Our Lady was in that same situation, watching her Son die at the hands of the Romans with His own people laughing at His suffering. She would have died of the pain if God had not sustained her. She walks with these mothers, and we should as well. We are a group called "Healthcare for Gunner" and we will be sharing our stories tomorrow at 10AM on major news outlets.
We have seen our children suffer and yet we have been blessed by their lives, and want to continue to help them live. But we fear for them at the hands of government panels.
We hear the stories of mothers whose children are denied care in Canada, the UK and Australia. And we are speaking out tomorrow.
Pray for us, stand at the cross with us, as we fight for our children and millions of others.
Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us.
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