Thursday, October 29, 2009

Senate Health Care Bill Could Make Planned Parenthood a Quasi-Government Entity

 Via Susan Brinkman, OCDS, at Living His Life Abundantly, Inc.:

The current version of the Senate’s health care reform bill may allow Planned Parenthood to become a quasi-government entity for sex education.

The American Life League is reporting that in Section 1803 of the America’s Healthy Future Act of 2009, which is the Senate’s version of health care reform, a National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Resource Center is created.

According to the language of the bill, “The Secretary shall award a grant to a nationally recognized, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that meets the requirements described in clause (ii) to establish and operate a national teen pregnancy prevention resource center (in this subparagraph referred to as the ‘Resource Center’) to carry out the purpose and activities described in clause (iii). (emphasis added)

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Bishops Call for Unprecedented, Massive Catholic Opposition to Abortion in Current Health Care Reform

Excellent news: 40 years after being silenced by Vatican II, some of our Bishops are finally starting to speak up and lead their flocks in the faith.

An E-mail directive has been sent from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Pro-Life Activities Secretariat mobilizing every parish in the United States of America. It contains an urgent message which is to be distributed in every parish this weekend and announced at every single Mass. This massive and urgent appeal may be unprecedented in our history as Catholics in America. It is an effort to mobilize the Catholic faithful on an urgent matter of public policy concerning the fundamental and foundational human right to life.

The E-Mail specifically asks that no parish opt out of this initiative.

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How Pro-Life is Stupak?

Was it too good to be true?
A pro-life Democrat?
Stupak has been battling to keep abortion out of government-run healthcare, even
threatening CINO Pelosi that he has enough votes to hold it up, and asking Obama to keep his promise and keep it out. Now, Stupak admits that he'll still vote for Obamacare.
It seems it was too good to be true.

A video released by the Heritage Foundation blog appears to show Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak, whose efforts against the health care bill's abortion expansion had emerged as the pro-life community's primary strategy in the House, admitting that he would ultimately vote for the health bill even with government-funded abortion if it otherwise met his standards.

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Louisiana bishops join health care debate, with warning on protecting human life

Health care is a basic right and its proposed reform must provide access for all while also excluding abortion funding and protecting the consciences of health care providers, a Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops statement says.

In its Oct. 26 statement, the Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops (LCCB) noted that Pope John XXIII’s encyclical Pacem in Terris taught of “universal and inviolable” rights that include the right to medical care and to be looked after in times of ill health. There is also an “apostolic duty” to heal the sick while proclaiming the Gospel, they said.

“For centuries, Catholic hospitals have served and ministered to the sick and the dying. Other Catholic institutions have welcomed and served the elderly, handicapped, expectant mothers, newborns, and others with physical, emotional or spiritual needs,” the Louisiana bishops wrote. “This is an important expression of our respect for the innate dignity that lies within every human being, regardless of race, nationality, religion, political opinion, or social class.”
This respect for life, the LCCB said, motivates Catholics to ask Congress to support reforms that exclude public health care funds for abortion, prohibit any form of euthanasia, protect conscience rights for health care professionals and institutions, and respect the right of a physician and a patient to decide on healing treatment without interference.

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