Thursday, September 10, 2009


Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on President Obama’s speech last night on health care reform:

Yesterday, I said the president would not mention abortion in his speech. I was wrong about that. But I was right to say, “The rational thing to do would be to drop abortion from the health care bills and support conscience rights for health care workers.” Obama did nothing of the sort. Indeed, his one sentence denial that his health care proposals would result in federal funding of abortion is simply not true.

Even the New York Times, which issued a strong editorial endorsing his speech, said in a news analysis that his claim that there is no federal funding for abortion “is not so clear-cut.” In practice, the Times said, “the public and private money would all go into the same pot, and the source of money for any single procedure is largely a technicality.”

More pointedly, if there is no federal funding for abortion in these plans, then why have there been several attempts to bar such funding? Tell that to Rep. Bart Stupak, Rep. Joe Pitts, Rep. Eric Cantor, Rep. Sam Johnson, Sen. Orrin Hatch and Sen. Mike Enzi. Why would they seek to ban something that doesn’t exist? Just as revealing, why did Obama’s friends defeat every one of these amendments?

President Obama is playing a shell game. He defended the public option plan last night, and under that plan, the person in charge of deciding whether abortion coverage will be mandated is his Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius. This is the same woman who befriended George Tiller, the infamous abortionist who specialized in killing babies 80-percent born. Is there anyone who doubts what her decision will be? If President Bush appointed a secretary of education who was pro-school vouchers, and an education plan allowed the secretary to decide whether to fund them, would anyone conclude that federal dollars for vouchers were not in the plan?

Being wrong is one thing. Being deceitful is quite another.

Catholic Health Association officer welcomes Obama speech, gave $10,000 to Democratic senators

The president and CEO of one of the nation’s largest Catholic hospital chains welcomed President Barack Obama’s speech on health care reform.

“At CHW, we live everyday with the challenges President Obama outlined in his speech tonight-- we see the real life effects of our broken health care system,” said Lloyd Dean, president and CEO of Catholic Healthcare West. Dean, who is also one of four officers of the Catholic Health Association of the United States, added, “The President has redefined the debate in a way that we can now bring a conclusion to this process. America needs a reform plan that controls costs and provides basic health care for the people in the country who don’t have it. Most importantly, we fervently agree that doing nothing is not an option.”

The remarks came in a press release made public at 9:00-- three minutes before the conclusion of the president’s address.
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Palin Responds to Obama Speech

Obama Care is not the Answer

My humble opinion

In Britain, one million patients who have received medical care from the government have received 'cruel and neglectful' care.

If you think that this couldn't happen in our country -- think again. Whenever you have government controlled health care - it follows that there will be health care rationing and the way in which medical professionals will care for patients and the type of treatment they provide will be dictated by the government.  Secular values will be imposed on both the patient and the health care providers and any deviation from them will result in fines and / or imprisonment.

The Obama administration is committed to upholding culture of death values -- abortion is equated with having a tonsillectomy, the disabled and the elderly are viewed as unnecessary drains on the system, and both are seen as candidates for assisted suicide or euthanasia. There is a total absence of the value that we hold sacred -- the sanctity of human life.

How can this be? 

Cost-cutting is the bottom line.  Money, instead of compassionate health care for those who are in need, is the focus of this administration's government run health care program.

There is no magic cure for what ails the health care problem in this country, but Obama Care is not the answer.

I invite each one of you to join us in a day of prayer and fasting on September 11 in an effort to stop this evil bill from becoming law.

As Catholics, we know that prayer is powerful and that the combination of prayer and fasting can result in miracles. The health care reform bill mandates abortion, rations health care, violates the conscience rights of health care professionals, and supports assisted suicide as well as euthanasia. It is an evil bill that must be defeated. I believe that our day of prayer and fasting will help to accomplish that goal.

~ Jean M. Heimann

Killing the Unborn at the Expense of the Infirm and Elderly

Shortly after posting this cartoon, a pro-life associate asked why I had placed the traditional icon of the Democratic Party behind the desk rather than Barack Obama. After all, he reasoned, this sweeping socialization of medicine was created in the president's image.

I explained that I had thought and re-thought this out...

Even though there have been as many as three dozen Democrats in the House who object to the anti-life provisions of the current proposals, the party as a whole remains steadfastly, resolutely, adamantly anti-life. But more to the point, every amendment to current health care proposals prohibiting federal funding of abortion has been quashed by the Democrat majority. Sadly, the Democrats remain America's party of death.

If it weren't for the vast majority of elected Democrats who are anti-life, the proposed health care "reform" would not be what it so clearly is: state-sponsored terrorism in the guise of compassion.

You Could See It Coming a Mile Away

From my post of February 8, before Obama and his anti-life legislators began shoving their "health care" travesty down America's throat...

In one of his first acts as US president, Barack Obama authorized spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to stifle foreign populations. US House majority leader Nancy Pelosi, convinced children are bad for the economy, wants to spend even more to stamp out childbirth at home. This, even while scraping the barrel to fund astronomical bailouts.

Who do they think will fund their programs as barren taxpayers age and retire?

The answer is clear: no one. Rather than increase revenues, they'll decrease expenditures. For Pelosi, Obama and their fellow utilitarians, killing is once again the answer. Just like they sold abortion to a generation indoctrinated in women's rights, they'll sell euthanasia to a shrinking electorate saddled with trillions in debt and a graying generation of unproductive consumers.

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WASHINGTON – In his address to a joint session of Congress tonight, President Obama said, "One more misunderstanding I want to clear up -- under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions."
Douglas Johnson, legislative director for the National Right to Life Committee, commented: "Barack Obama needs to learn that the mere repetition of a verbal formula does not change reality.  The reality is that the Obama-backed House bill would explicitly authorize the federal government insurance plan to pay for elective abortions and would explicitly authorize subsidies for private abortion insurance -- and all with federal dollars, which are the only kind of dollars that the federal government can spend."
The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) last week released definitive memoranda that demonstrate that (1) the "Hyde Amendment" would not apply to the new programs that would be created by the Obama-backed health bill, H.R. 3200, and (2) that all of the funds that would be spent on elective abortions under the bill, and all of the funds that would be spent to subsidize private insurance plans that cover abortion, would be "federal funds" in both the legal sense and in the sense in which those terms are used throughout the government.  
"The claim that a federal agency would be spending private funds on abortion, not federal funds, is absurd on its face, a political hoax," Johnson said.
To read a September 8 NRLC media advisory that summarizes these issues, click here.  The advisory contains links to the detailed memoranda that disprove the "Hyde Amendment myth" and the "government will spend private funds on abortions myth."
My Comments: I can't stomach watching B.O. lie through his teeth anymore. It literally sickens me. I am able to pray for the man's conversion at Mass or during Adoration, but to watch him on TV is a little too much for me. He is so transparent -- he must think we are total idiots to believe him. Did anyone watch him?  What are your thoughts about his "performance"?