Friday, October 30, 2009

Bachmann Urges Citizens to Come to D.C. to Protest Outrageous Obamacare Bill

Representative Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) was interviewed by Sean Hannity at FOX News this evening. In the interview, she calls this new "health care" reform bill "the crown jewel of socialism." It covers taxpayer funded abortions, government run health insurance, higher taxes, death panels, medicare cuts, end of life counselors, higher taxes (a $700 Billion tax increase), and 5.5 million jobs lost if this bill goes into place. This bill will collapse private insurance. Senior citizens and the handicapped will be taxed on pacemakers, hearing aides, knee replacements, hip replacements, etc.

Michelle Bachmann asks us to call Congress and meet up with her at the Capitol next Thursday at High Noon.

Death Panel Dudgeon

A very public disagreement between two prominent American bioethicists shows that they have only themselves to blame for attacks on their profession.

...Failed vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin was the first to ring alarm bells about "death panels" of bioethicists who would have divine powers of life and death in President Obama's health care plan. Palin highlighted the "Orwellian thinking" of President Obama's chief health care adviser, Ezechiel Emanuel, and basically accused him of introducing euthanasia by stealth. If she didn't name other bioethicists, the media did.

This infuriated the ASBH. Portraying the work of these thoughtful people as an attempt to hasten the deaths of patients was "a heinous form of intellectual violence" and contemptible dishonesty. This inflammatory rhetoric not only defamed individuals, but also "denigrate[d] bioethics as a profession," the ASBH said. The “death panels” – however absurd they were – became a public relations nightmare for the bioethics industry. "Bioethics" had become something sticky and malodorous on the sole of your shoe. Weeks later, the situation hasn't changed much. Dr Emanuel is still in the cross-hairs of critics of Obamacare. Earlier this month the head of the Southern Baptist Convention Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission had to apologise for bestowing an imaginary "Dr Josef Mengele Award" upon him in a rabble-rousing speech...
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Pro-life Democrat group claims 40 lawmakers will vote against health care bill

Since Bart Stupak has admitted that he'll support pro-abortion healthcare anyway, let's pray that Kristen Day and Democrats for Life are more successful in getting CINO Pelosi and the party leadership to allow a vote on excluding abortion from government-run healthcare.

Democrats for Life of America claims to have 40 congressmen who will vote against the House health care reform legislation if taxpayer funded abortion language is not removed from the bill, the organization announced on Thursday.

The 40 vote coalition concerns the refusal of the House leadership to include language that would prevent abortions from being paid for in any new health care reform scheme. If Hyde Amendment-type language were inserted into the bill, Democrats for Life of America (DFLA) says, taxpayer funded abortions in appropriations bills would be prevented.

Several attempts to insert such language have been unsuccessful in committee.

"I want to be clear, pro-life Democrats want to help pass health care reform but our coalition can in no- way support reform that includes tax payer funded abortions. If the leadership will remove that language, we feel confident that we can deliver enough votes to help put this much needed reform over the top in the House," Kristen Day, DFLA Executive Director, said in a statement.

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