Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jill Stanek - Obamacare's biggest hurdle: The Manhattan Declaration

On Nov. 20, the historic Manhattan Declaration was unveiled, just what my distraught spirit had been yearning. I became its 218,525th signer.

The Manhattan Declaration is a momentous 4,700-word manifesto authored by Chuck Colson, Dr. Robert George, and Dr. Timothy George, with input from many Orthodox, Catholic, and Evangelical leaders. Colson calls it "one of the most important [documents] in my lifetime."

The Manhattan Declaration draws a line in the sand on the 3 paramount issues of our time: the sanctity of human life, the sanctity of marriage as the holy and conjugal union of husband and wife, and the rights of religious liberty and conscience....

Manhattan Declaration drafters are inviting all like-minded believers to sign on, but the potential ramifications for doing so are sobering.

As Dr. James Dobson explained on his Nov. 23 Focus on the Family radio program, insofar as his signing of the Manhattan Declaration pertained to passage of socialized health care with publicly funded abortion:

I don't say this glibly at all. ... Shirley and I will not be able to comply. That is absolutely untenable to us, because it would make us participants in the killing of babies, and we can't and we won't do that. Now I don't know where all of this is leading or what the implications of it are, but if we have to pay ruinous fines, or have to go to prison, or even if we have to leave this beloved country and spend the rest of our lives in exile, that's what we are prepared to do.

This must be the mettle of Manhattan Declaration signers....

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Bipartisan Lawmakers Sponsor Stupak Amdt to Cut Abortion Funds in Senate Bill

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Sen. Ben Nelson, a pro-life Democrat from Nebraska, confirmed today that he is working on an amendment to the Senate version of the government-run health care bill that would remove abortion funding from it. He said the amendment would be similar to language adopted in the House.

Nelson is joined by Sen. Orrin Hatch, a Utah Republican, for a bipartisan amendment they hope will attract more of their colleagues.

During the House debate on the health care bill, lawmakers adopted the Stupak amendment on a strongly bipartisan vote.

That amendment removed the abortion funding found in the government-run public option and the affordability credits -- both of which are contained in the bill Senate leader Harry Reid proposed.

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