Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Obama, health care plummet in the polls

 Going down, down, he's going down...

Via Dakota Voice:

The latest poll out today from Rasmussen Reports finds support for Obamacare still dropping among the American people, with 54% opposed to the socialist overhaul of our health care system. Only 24% strongly favor it (these are probably hard-core Marxists and people who work very hard to avoid serious employment).

Even one of President Obama’s main cheering sections, CNN, admits the honeymoon is over for the American people:
According to the poll, which was released Tuesday, 48 percent of people questioned say that they agree with Obama on the issues that matter most to them, with 51 percent saying no. That’s a switch from April, when 57 percent said they agreed with the president on important issues, with 41 percent disagreeing.
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Santorum: The Triumph of Socialism in U.S. Requires Destruction of Family & Church

A grim, but accurate warning from Rick Santorum.
This is why the administration is in such a rush to pass government-run healthcare.

Both the family and the Church stand in the way of socialism's triumph, former US Senator Rick Santorum told Christians gathered for the 17th International Week of Prayer and Fasting last week. The pro-life champion warned attendees, however, that both institutions are under heavy attack from Obama-administration policies.

"We are under a great assault with this President and this Congress on the issue of life. We are under a great assault, maybe even greater assault, on the foundational issue of the family," Santorum told those gathered for the October 11 dinner at the Omni Shoreham Hotel.

Santorum said that the left's policies, especially those policies aggressively set forward by the Obama administration, target the family and Christian churches for "destruction," because these institutions provide local social networks and support for individuals that take away the need for total dependence on central government. To eliminate these social networks means the triumph of socialism, and that means attacking marriage and Christian churches.

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