Monday, November 9, 2009

Jill Stanek: NOW DC rally protesting Stupak amendment fo shizzle fizzles

Twitter works both ways. It gets word out to the right people... and to the wrong people.

Such was the case this morning when I stumbled upon a tweet by National Organization for Women promoting a rally today in downtown DC to protest the House's passage of the Stupak/Pitts Amendment. The plan was to march around the Senate and House office buildings to scare senators. Click to enlarge..

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Pro-Life Leaders React to Health Bill Outcome: Caution Outweighs Celebration

Amid praise for the pro-life Stupak amendment's momentous victory in the health care bill Saturday night, a two-pronged fear clearly emerged in the reaction of U.S. pro-life leaders: 1) the immense threats to pro-life values the health bill presents even without federal abortion funding, and, 2) the likelihood that the pro-life amendment itself will vanish in a later version of the bill.

Here is a collection of quotations from key pro-life leaders to give a taste of the pro-life reaction to the Saturday night drama on Capitol Hill:

- Family Research Council president Tony Perkins:  "This is a huge pro-life victory for women, their unborn children, and families. We applaud this House vote which prohibits the abortion industry from further profiting from taxpayers by using government funds to pay for the gruesome act of abortion. ... Unfortunately, H.R. 3962 is a seriously flawed piece of legislation. 

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Dems Banking on Later Squeezing Pro-Life Language Out of Bill in Committee

This is hardly surprising. Pro-aborts are very accustomed to using lies and deception to defend killing babies.

Pro-life leaders Saturday afternoon are hailing the House's decision to allow a voting opportunity on pro-life, Hyde-amendment language in the health bill as a major victory. However, with some sources suggesting that Democrat leadership is banking on later squeezing the pro-life amendment out of the bill in committee, some leaders are warning that the bill - with a whole bundle of dangers besides the federal abortion funding - is still too much of a threat.

The New York Times reported this morning that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided to allow a vote on the amendment with the hopes that her pro-abortion colleagues would be assuaged by the possibility of "changes in the weeks ahead," particularly changes wrought when the Senate and House versions of the bill are reconciled. In the early hours of the morning Saturday, the speaker unexpectedly gave permission for the full House to vote on Democrat Rep. Bart Stupak's amendment banning federal funding of abortion in the health bill.

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