Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Obamacare: The Perfect Way to Promote and Increase Abortion

"President Obama says he wants fewer abortions. Obamacare would lead to more because they would be federally funded. Rather than have the bill do the dirty work, he would have the Secretary in the regulatory process pull the abortion coverage trigger. Different approach, same result."

"Here is where I come down: A healthy pregnancy is not an illness because the baby is unwanted.  Tens of millions of people should not have to help fund an elective medical procedure not related to protecting physical health that they find morally abhorrent.

Obama Czar: The Government Must Fund Abortion

TEL AVIV – The government should be required to fund abortion in cases such as rape or incest, argues President Obama's newly confirmed regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein. 

"I have argued that the Constitution ... forbids government from refusing to pay the expenses of abortion in cases of rape or incest, at least if government pays for childbirth in such cases," Sunstein wrote in his 1993 book "The Partial Constitution."  Read the entire story.

WSJ: Health-Care Overhaul: Abortion, Public Option & Young Adults

Here are a few of the stories on the health-care overhaul that caught our eye this morning:

Abortion continues to play a role in the health care debate, the New York Times reports. The issue is dividing Dems, the article says. Some argue that the current health-care bills already prohibit using federal funds to pay for abortions, while others say more explicit prohibitions are needed for those who would receive government subsidies to purchase health insurance. For more on the subject, see this WSJ story from last month, and this WSJ.com column from Steven Waldman on how to keep the health-care overhaul neutral on abortion.

Read the entire story here.