Sunday, November 8, 2009

Like Thieves in the Night....

In her effort to ram government-run healthcare through the House before anyone has a chance to know what's in it, CINO Pelosi and the Dems narrowly passed ObamaCare in a stealth Saturday night vote.

The health care bill in Congress received its first favorable vote in a chamber of Congress on virtually a very narrow vote Saturday night. Passage of the legislation came after lawmakers voted for the Stupak amendment to remove abortion funding from the legislation. (the silver lining in this cloud).

The House voted 220 to 215 with 39 Democrats joining 176 republicans to oppose it and 219 Democrats and one Republican in favor.

Although the Stupak amendment removes the abortion funding under the public option and affordability credits, not all of the pro-life concerns are resolved with the bill.

The measure appears to contain strong conscience protection regarding abortion for medical professionals; however, "Section 304(d) protects abortion practitioners from “discrimination” by pro-life insurance plans who want to participate in the exchange, but do not want to contract with abortionists," says Americans United for Life.

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Major Prolife Victory: Stupak Amendment Passes

By a solid 240-194 margin, The U.S. House of Representatives on Saturday adopted an extremely important pro-life amendment that will essentially prohibit federal funding of abortion in the health care reform legislation. Folks, this is a huge deal.

This war for the pro-life community is not over. A Senate battle is ahead and so is a potential battle to strip this language out of any eventual House/Senate conference committee but nevertheless what happened on Saturday in the House will go down as a HUGE victory for pro-life Americans.

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