Monday, March 15, 2010

Obamcare, Breast Cancer, Mammograms, and Steve Kagen

You would think someone with this congressman's background would know better than to support something like this. It makes one wonder about the possible incentives (payoffs) that he was offered or the threats that he faced.

Obamacare + politics Chicago Democrat style = Do whatever it takes to win.

Obama Admin Misleads on abortion funding in health care bill

Obama is determined to force us pay for abortions and will use whatever deceptive means he can to do it. 

The Obama administration has released a new memo that misleads the public on the abortion funding via community health centers found in the Senate health care bill. It takes a shot at National Right to Life, but the venerable pro-life group pushed saying no limits leave open abortion funding.

At issue is a provision in the Senate health care bill that allows $7 billion in funding for Community Health Centers -- something President Barack Obama expanded in his request for changes to the bill.

The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) and other pro-life groups have condemned the provision because the money could be funneled to abortion businesses to pay for abortions and will not be subject to provisions like the Hyde Amendment that stops abortion funding.

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Stand with Stupak (Video and Petition)

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Archbishop Chaput: health care bill doesn’t meet minimum moral standards

As usual, the good Archbishop clarifies true Catholic teachings.

In his weekly column on the Denver Catholic Register, the Archbishop of Denver, Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., says the health-care bill does not meet minimum moral standards and therefore, doesn’t have the support of the Catholic bishops.

“The Senate version of health-care reform currently being forced ahead by congressional leaders and the White House is a bad bill that will result in bad law,” says the Archbishop in his column titled “Catholics, health care and the Senate’s bad bill,” published this Monday in the Archdiocese’s website.

“As I write this column on March 14, the Senate bill remains gravely flawed. It does not meet minimum moral standards in at least three important areas: the exclusion of abortion funding and services; adequate conscience protections for health-care professionals and institutions; and the inclusion of immigrants,” Chaput writes.

In reference to pro-Obama Catholic organizations who have been claiming that the bill is “sufficiently” pro-life, the Archbishop of Denver argues that “groups, trade associations and publications describing themselves as ‘Catholic’ or ‘prolife’ that endorse the Senate version – whatever their intentions – are doing a serious disservice to the nation and to the Church, undermining the witness of the Catholic community; and ensuring the failure of genuine, ethical health-care reform.”

Such groups, Archbishop Chaput explains “create confusion at exactly the moment Catholics need to think clearly about the remaining issues in the health-care debate. They also provide the illusion of moral cover for an unethical piece of legislation.”

And just when the Bishops are doing the right thing:

Catholic Health Association breaks with bishops, backs Senate health care bill