Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stupak caves into pressure; will vote YES on health care

Bart Stupak is giving in to pressure and voting YES to the health care bill, he says he reached an agreement with Obama who will issue an executive order to forbid federal funds being used for abortion, and provide conscience protection for health care workers. I thought that Obama said there was NO abortion funding in the bill. Shows you how reliable his word is.

This executive order is rescindable, and may be declared unconstitutional. It is meaningless.This is a tragedy, Bart Stupak was our last hope to defeat this vote. He is starting to repeat the Democratic talking points that the funds for pregnant women will prevent abortions. It may prevent some, but not as many as the bill will pay for, after Obama goes back on his word.

About Those Fake Catholic Obamacare Endorsers...

 Some fascinating and useful information noted by The Catholic Key Blog:

1. Kevin Lofton, CEO of Catholic Health Initiatives, the hospital conglomerate that chairs Catholic Health Association is a regular contributor to Rep. Diana Degette, co-chair of the Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus. (He praises Barack Obama and HHS Secretary Kathleen (late-term abortionist"Tiller" buddy) Sebelius in this video.)

2. Catholic Health Association's chief public policy advocate, Michael Rodgers, repeatedly gives campaign money to pro-abort extremist Rep. Judy Feder.

3. Catholic Health Association has advocated aborting children with anencephaly.

4. The Leadership Conference of Women Religious has never taken a position on legalized abortion and has never supported pro-life efforts. The only abortion reference on their website, which takes positions on numerous issues, is to support a sister who signed a pro-abortion newspaper ad.

5. NETWORK Lobby has never taken a position on legalized abortion and has never supported pro-life efforts. After a career of studiously ignoring the slaughter of 40+ million innocents, NETWORK head Sister Simone Campbell claims to be more knowledgeable and committed on the subject than the U.S. Bishops and their pro-life support staff.