Thursday, January 7, 2010


Those who fail to learn from the past...

...are doomed to repeat it.

By John Francis Borra (

An ancient stone image of King Herod and a modern digital image of President Obama; if only the resemblance ended there.


During his violent rise to power, Herod enjoyed the backing of the Roman Empire, returning favor for favor; as an aspiring state legislator, Obama enjoyed the backing of the abortion industry, voting repeatedly to legalize infanticide. The Roman army brought Herod to Jerusalem, where they installed him as client king; leftwing interests brought Obama to Washington, first as senator, then president. Fearing loss of his throne, King Herod ordered his soldiers to slaughter Bethlehem's children; fearing loss of his base, President Obama has ordered his legislators to mandate and fund an expanded slaughter of America's children.

And it grows still darker...

Herod put family members, including his ambitious sons, to death; Barack Obama, referring to his daughters, said that "if they make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby." Obama was speaking openly and emphatically of putting his grandchildren to death.

Like Herod, Obama considers family disposable. But even Herod allowed his sons the semblance of a trial. Obama condemns his grandchildren before they're conceived, on grounds that they'll be unwanted. With law school graduates like this, is it any wonder we're handed decisions like Roe v. Wade?

Perhaps most sobering of all is that, unlike the people of ancient Israel, we Americans did not have our Herod foisted upon us; we, as an electorate, chose him and his anti-life Congress. We knew exactly what we were getting. With government-mandated, taxpayer-funded abortion, euthanasia, contraception and other anti-life legislation in the works, we have no one but ourselves to blame for what happens next.

Last week, the eastern and western Churches celebrated the Feast of the Holy Innocents, commemorating of the martyrdom of Bethlehem's children. The Holy Innocents are patron saints of the unborn. We ask their intercession to change the hearts and minds of those lost in the culture of death.