Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Senator explains how Obamacare will include tax-funded abortions

In this must-see video, Senator Mike Johans from Nebraska explains exactly how tax payers in every state will be funding abortions and how the reconciliation process will not fix this problem. He also warns pro-life House Democrats not to be deceived by the Senate, who will change their position and allow federal funding of abortion.

See Stupak: There's No Deal, And I Won't Agree to a Promise to Fix the Bill in the Future.

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Catholic Families for America Initiates Novena to St. Joseph to Protect American Families from Obamacare

"While we will continue to fight hard in the legislative process to stop the pro-abortion, anti-family Obamacare debacle, we also understand that we should not forget the 'spiritual warfare' that is equally important. Appealing to St. Joseph, patron of families, especially as we lead up to his feast day on March 19th, makes perfect sense," said Dr. Kevin Roberts, Executive Director of Catholic Families for America.
Today a leading organization of lay Catholics announced its sponsorship of a Novena to St. Joseph in order to defeat the radically pro-abortion, anti-family health care legislation being debated in Congress. With St. Joseph's feast day on March 19th, and plans in the House to vote on the legislation at approximately the same time, Catholics should turn to the patron saint of families for his intercession.

"At this point, we believe we are winning this debate, whether we consider the bungled legislative process or the public's awareness of the bill's problems," said Dr. Kevin Roberts, Executive Director of Catholic Families for America. "But as faithful Catholics we must not miss the chance to invoke the intercession of the second most important saint, St. Joseph, considering that his feast day coincides with the voting schedule, and that he is the patron saint of families."

Those interested in joining CFA's network of several thousand members can access the novena prayers at

~ Via Christian Newswire.

Will He or Won't He?

If the House passes the Senate health care bill, we will have Obamacare. There will be NO reconciliation after Obama signs it.

Bart Stupak, the Michigan congressman whose pro-life Democratic colleagues have the ability to determine whether the Senate health care bill that contains massive abortion funding lives or dies, said in a late Tuesday interview that no abortion deal is in place and he won't back down.

Stupak sparked some concerns with comments that he was optimistic that a deal could be reached on a sidebar bill that concerns some pro-life advocates.

They worry such a bill would enable the pro-abortion Senate bill and Obama would sign it but not the abortion funding limits.

Charles Krauthammer thinks Stupak will cave: