Friday, December 18, 2009

Health Care Alert: Don't Give Up!

I just received the following message from Mike Hukabee and feel that it's important to pass on to you.

The Democrats continue to push their health care scheme. They continue to craft a bill in secret, behind closed doors, while telling the rest of the Senate and the American people that they will pass a bill before Christmas.

It's not too late!!   Don't give up the fight. The Senators listed below are important to the Democrat's chances of success. Call them now!  Tell them to vote against the secret health care bill!  Tell them not to invoke cloture!  And while you are at it, remind them that the American people are paying attention and watching. If Congress doesn't heed the words of the people now, they surely will come November!


Blanche Lincoln, Arkansas               202-224-4843         202-224-4843
Ben Nelson, Nebraska               202-224-6551         202-224-6551
Olympia Snowe, Maine               202-224-5344         202-224-5344

Your prayers and kudos are needed for Senator Ben Nelson

You can't help but admire Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) -- he is a politician with integrity.

Please pray for and send kudos by email to Democrat Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson as he ALONE is fighting to prevent government -funded abortion in the Senate health reform bill, being rushed--sight unseen--to a vote. The supposed accommodation the Senate majority leader designed for Nelson's approval is not acceptable to National Right to Life. The House version prevents abortion funding under the Stupak-Pitts amendment, supported by 3 dozen pro-life Democrats but in the Senate, Nelson has his finger in the dike, so to speak.

Please use the following address to email U.S. Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE)showing your support for his efforts to keep government-funded abortion out of the health care bill:

For the latest update on Senate Ben Nelson and the Healthcare Reform Bill read: Ben Nelson’s Long Day Continues – No Deal Yet at Fox News.

Thank you, Senator Nelson! God bless you and guide you in all that you do!

Reminder: Only 2 more days to vote for Catholics Against Obamacare

I received this email from Katie Walker at American Life League today:

Dear Pro-Life Blog Award Nominees,

The 2010 Pro-Life Blog Awards are down to the wire with just two more voting days left. Several of you are neck in neck for Best Overall.

Please vote for Catholics Against Obamacare today. Just click the in the icon above to vote for both blogs.

Thank you!

God bless you!

Senator Casey, Filibuster, Health Care and Abortion: Pro-Lifers to Hold Vigil at Senator Casey's Home in P.A.

 Steven Ertlet at LifeNews.Com reports:

Pennsylvania lawmaker Bob Casey is increasingly a man without a country as the self-declared pro-life advocate won't get on board with the rest of the pro-life members of the Senate in opposition to the pro-abortion health care bill that could result in hundreds of thousands of additional abortions.

The abortion divide is so large that it has prompted fellow Democrat Ben Nelson to oppose the bill and join Republicans in filibustering it.

Casey proposed a compromise but it retained the abortion funding, was rejected by Nelson and pro-life groups, and is earning him a pro-abortion tag by some pro-life advocates.

Casey has seen pro-life advocates fill his office in protest, but, on Thursday, the Catholic politician still would not commit to opposing the bill. [Read the entire story here]

What are pro-lifers doing about it?

Beginning this evening, December 18, pro-lifers from P.A. will hold a daily vigil at Senator Casey's home in the Scranton area until the vote for cloture.

The "buzz on the hill" is that Casey will vote for cloture - which is a vote against a filibuster, and a vote to end the debate - which would pave the way for a simple majority vote to pass the bill. He would then vote against the bill, and tell his constituents that he voted against the bill. This is double-talk and deceit.

Diana Roccograndi - from Wilkes-Barre P.A. - states: "Mr. Casey is trying to deceive voters; he knows if he votes for cloture, the bill will pass. If that happens, he will be responsible for causing the death of millions of babies by abortion - payed for with our tax dollars. Such an act from him would be treachery of the highest order against God, the babies, and the voters of Pennsylvania.

"We will not cease our vigil until Mr. Casey votes against cloture, or clarifies his position. We will not be fooled by double-talk and deceit."

Diana Roccograndi is the Team Leader of Insurrecta Nex (Latin for "Revolution against the slaughter of innocent human beings"), which is based in Washington DC, and has affiliates around the nation.

Diana Roccograndi recently led a "Cathedral Tour" to 13 Catholic Cathedrals, calling on Catholic Bishops to withhold communion from Catholic Senators who vote for child-killing in the health care bill. [Via Christian Newswire.]

Minister: Obamacare kills African-American babies

 Charges president has become 'the face of black genocide in America today'

A black minister who founded a website called charges the Obama administration's health care reform legislation is designed to increase the number of abortions in the African-American community.

"It's sinister, but President Obama has become the face of black genocide in America today," said Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr., senior pastor of the New Calvary Baptist Church in Montclair, N.J.

According to Childress, about 35 percent of the nearly 4,500 abortions performed each day in the U.S. are on African-Americans, even though African-Americans are only about 13.5 percent of the population.
Childress said 52 percent of all African-American pregnancies end in abortion, and three out of every five African-American women will obtain an abortion.

He estimated 16 million African-American babies have been aborted since the passage of Wade v. Roe in 1973.

Read the entire article here. 

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Fr. Barron comments on Abortion and Health Care

Your Calls Needed Now to "Kill the Bill!"

The tide of public opinion has turned against the attempted takeover of America’s health care industry. Sixty-one percent of Americans oppose the Senate health care bill, according to a CNN poll, but President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid aren’t listening. They’re pushing harder than ever to pass Reid’s 2,000-page monstrosity through the Senate before Christmas. The bill is being jammed with "incentives" for wavering senators.

And even though the so-called "public option" was scuttled by Sen. Joe Lieberman’s refusal to go along, Reid’s massive bill is still very bad medicine for the nation and will push us far down the road toward socialized medicine.

Here’s the good news. There are so many problems with this bill that there is a very good chance to kill it if people continue to call their Senators – even if you have already done so.


Calls and emails are needed now more than ever to stop ObamaCare in its tracks. Please call your senators now and tell them simply to "Kill the Bill," not try to amend it.

The Senate switchboard is (202) 224-3121. To reach your senators direct by phone or email, please click here: U.S. Senators.
Here’s a quick review of what’s wrong this dangerous bill to give Uncle Sam final say on who gets what care when. The Senate bill is a chamber of horrors that includes:
  • New tax-supported subsidies to purchase private health plans that cover abortion on demand;
  • Watered down abortion federal funding restrictions;
  • Many new taxes, including taxes on medical device makers, a 5 percent tax on cosmetic surgeries, and penalties on American households with incomes over $200,000;
  • A fine or jail for all Americans who fail to purchase the government-mandated plan;
  • A mandate for employers to offer insurance or pay a fine, which will spur many to pay the fine and end employee insurance plans;
  • $500 billion in Medicare cuts for older Americans, thus introducing rationing;
  • Subsidies for "end-of-life" counseling.
  • A raft of pro-homosexual provisions long sought by homosexual activists.
This bill contains "onerous rationing provisions," according to Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK), a physician who has practiced medicine for 25 years. "Every American, not just seniors," Coburn wrote in the Wall Street Journal, "should know that the rationing provisions in the Reid bill will not only reduce their quality of life, but their life spans as well."
"Kill the Bill!"

Please call your senators now and urge them to "kill the bill!" Again, the Senate switchboard is (202) 224-3121. To reach your senators direct by phone or email, please click here: U.S. Senators.

God bless you!

Senator and Dr. Tom Coburn on why this healthcare plan is hazardous for your health

My 25 years as a practicing physician have shown me what happens when government attempts to practice medicine: Doctors respond to government coercion instead of patient cues, and patients die prematurely. Even if the public option is eliminated from the bill, these onerous rationing provisions will remain intact.
Dr Coburn details, point by point, the provisions in the bill which will undermine the doctor-patient relationship, and access to doctors in the first place. This is without the public option. He uses statistics and his experience as a family physician who has saved lives.

This bill must be buried once and for all, for the lives of the most fragile among us, which could be you someday.

Questions anyone?

Read the entire article in the Wall Street Journal online.