Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Democrats May Look to House to OK Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill if Brown Wins

Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown is leading in polls and if they hold up on Tuesday in the Massachusetts special election, he would become the 41st vote against the pro-abortion health care bill in the Senate. That is confounding efforts by President Barack Obama and Democrats to get the bill passed.

Brown faces pro-abortion Democrat Martha Coakley in a race to replace the late pro-abortion Sen. Ted Kennedy.

The outcome of the election has a significant bearing on the health care-abortion debate because the Senate approved its bill on a narrow 60-40 margin. Should Brown win, he has already promised to support the filibuster against the measure.

Democrats and Obama have been finalizing a compromise version of the legislation that would still require 60 votes in the Senate and a Brown win would drop the margin to 59-41 -- enough to defeat the bill.

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