Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Catholic Blogger responds to confused reader

We received the following email today from an uncharitable and confused reader by the name of trspatt who commented on the post "End of Life Kills Obamacare?":

Using the word catholic is absurb The only reason people don't want this is because they don't want to pay for it. Does the Vatican know you are using Catholic as the title of your stupid organization. I have been in Healthcare as an RN for 40 years and I have seen what happens to people without healthcare. I would be willing to help pay for the poor to give them health care on a univeral basis. You are not Catholics one what happened to separation of church and state and two have you ever been without healthcare. You are just upset that President Obama is calling all the phoney baloneys like yourself out of the carpet. I have sent a copy of your silly organization to the the Vatican also to have it investigated. Get a life and pray for yourself 

Elena's reply:

Dear Reader,

Let me address some of your concerns:

The use of the word Catholic in the title of this blog is an adjective. It describes the general thought, philosophy, world view, religion of the bloggers.  It doesn't have to be officially noted by the Vatican, but if you feel like "turning us in" I'm sure we'd have no problem with that as we are all loyal to the teachings of the church and the magisterium and have nothing to fear.

I have had several times in my life when I have been without health care including pregnancies.  It was my experience that I was ALWAYS able to receive care.  Paying for it was another matter, but I was always able to negotiate with hospitals and providers and sometimes even get the debt lowered or forgiven because of our income.

But the real issue is not whether everyone has access to health care, because everyone more or less in this country does have access.  The real issue is the cost of health care and why it keeps going up.  And I understand that too since I took two children to the doctor last August for sore throats and it ended up costing me over $400!

Every one of the bloggers here I believe, understands that something has to be done to reform our system.  We just disagree that President Obama's way is necessarily the best or the only way.  Further we can look at other government programs here and in other countries and see problems with the way those are administrated. This is simply too important to get it wrong!

I should also mention that as a Catholic I have some real concerns with abortion being mandated, the elderly not being given good medical care and the care for terminal patients.  It also bothers me that an organization like the IRS is being set up to enforce the plan!  If it's soo good, why do we need the IRS to enforce it?

So that's basically it for me.  I'm glad you sent something to the Vatican.  I'm sure they will find us totally in compliance with the recent National Bishop's statement. 

God Bless,