Friday, September 18, 2009

Reconciliation 101: A -- Nuclear -- Abuse of Power

Reconciliation 101: A " Nuclear" Abuse of Power The Foundry

Author: Rory Cooper

Important! Especially this section--

The Consequences of Reconciliation: Stopping the Debate

  • Bipartisan Prejudice: 59 Senators currently caucus with the majority. If reconciliation were to be used to pass health care legislation, it would disenfranchise senators and those they represent on a crippling partisan basis.
  • Setting Precedent: By bypassing Senate rules to pass a piece of policy legislation that overhauls one-sixth of our economy, the Senate would be setting a precedent for future partisan majorities to eliminate thoughtful debate and pass reckless and partisan legislation “by any means necessary.” Reconciliation bills are limited to 20 hours of debate and are difficult to amend.
  • Who Is Alan Frumin? The reconciliation process leaves incredible policy issues at the hands of the Senate parliamentarian, Alan Frumin. The non-elected Frumin would be responsible for deciding what could and could not be included in the final health care bill, making him the first of many faceless bureaucrats in Washington who could make important decisions that affect your health care.
  • Checks and Balances: Our founders designed the U.S. Senate as the “balanced wheel” to offset the passions presumed to dominate the House of Representatives. This course of action would turn the Senate into a replica of the House, jettisoning the supermajority requirement and thereby losing a constitutionally vital check and balance.

Please read the rest of the article, as well, for a better understanding of what Reconciliation in the Senate means.

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