Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Obama Has Only Read "A Decent Part" of the Pro-Abortion Health Care Bills

Barry is pushing pretty hard for government-run healthcare, and if the bill ever makes it to his desk (I pray that it doesn't), he should know what it is that he's signing. And I do have a question. If he claims we need this so badly, why doesn't it take effect until 2013? That would be right after he runs for re-election. I don't think that is coincidence.

In recent weeks and months there has been some controversy about whether members of Congress will actually read the pro-abortion health care bills they are considering. Yesterday, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs gave a telling answer about whether the president has read them.

"I was just wondering, before the President signs it will he himself read it or rely on staff to read the text of the bill?" a reported asked during Monday's press briefing.

"Well, I think he's read a decent part of the legislation that's been bandied around right now," Gibbs responded.

The comment comes after Gibbs joked about Obama reading the bill when he was asked a similar question in August.

“I don't know what his vacation plans are currently,” said Gibbs at the time.

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