Thursday, November 12, 2009

Former Pro-Abortion Leaders Threaten Democratic Party Revolt Over Stupak Amdt

This is pretty ironic. The House could only pass Obamacare because it had the Stupak amendment. But the Senate may only be able to pass it if the Stupak amendment is removed. Those pro-aborts are hell-bent on continuing to abort (kill) babies.

Two former leaders of major pro-abortion organizations write in an opinion column in the New York Times today that the Democratic Party could face an internal revolt from abortion advocates upset that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and party leaders in the House allowed a vote on the Stupak amendment.

As reported, the House approved the government-run health care bill Saturday night but not before voting for the Stupak amendment to stop the massive abortion funding in it.

The vote has produced tremendous fallout among abortion advocates who have demanded a meeting with President Barack Obama to discuss where to go from here and a letter to Pelosi threatening to vote against the final bill if Stupak is not removed.

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