Monday, November 16, 2009

Senate Health Care Bill Will Likely Fund Abortions, Stupak Amdt Would be Killed

There is a lot of deception surrounding Obamacare. The pro-aborts are hell-bent on including abortion, but they are just as determined to try to convince pro-lifers that it is not included.

The Senate is gearing up this week for what will likely be its first battle on a government-run health care bill that is expected to fund abortions. As the first vote comes, analysis from one top pro-life lobbyist makes it clear a Stupak-type amendment has little chance once a vote to allow debate takes place.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had been waiting to unveil his bill until the financial analysis came back and, when it was more expensive than he thought, Reid reworked the bill.

The measure is expected by pro-life groups to contain phony language that appears to ban abortions but won't. Reid officials have said the Nevada lawmaker is currently polling his caucus in a manner similar to Speaker Nancy Pelosi in an attempt to gauge what kind of abortion language to include.

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