Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Multi-faceted Evils of Federally-Funded HealthCare

If you think Federal healthcare is A-OK if only we can block funding for abortion, think again. Sometimes we get so caught up in the battle over abortion funding that we forget what else is wrong. Consider, for example:
  • Other intrinsically immoral procedures;
  • Coercive participation in such procedures;
  • Violation of the principle of subsidiarity, to the detriment of human freedom, responsibility and dignity;
  • Serious economic danger, including piling up debt for the next generation;
  • Predictable decline in quality, innovation and rapid availability of key medical procedures.
Some of these are debatable; most are morally deleterious givens. The majority of citizens want improved coverage without a Federal takeover. But do the politicians have their own agenda? 

Read Phil Lawler's In Depth Analysis, The Catholic case against health-care reform.

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