Friday, December 18, 2009

Health Care Alert: Don't Give Up!

I just received the following message from Mike Hukabee and feel that it's important to pass on to you.

The Democrats continue to push their health care scheme. They continue to craft a bill in secret, behind closed doors, while telling the rest of the Senate and the American people that they will pass a bill before Christmas.

It's not too late!!   Don't give up the fight. The Senators listed below are important to the Democrat's chances of success. Call them now!  Tell them to vote against the secret health care bill!  Tell them not to invoke cloture!  And while you are at it, remind them that the American people are paying attention and watching. If Congress doesn't heed the words of the people now, they surely will come November!


Blanche Lincoln, Arkansas               202-224-4843         202-224-4843
Ben Nelson, Nebraska               202-224-6551         202-224-6551
Olympia Snowe, Maine               202-224-5344         202-224-5344