Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Obama Calls Democrats for Meeting as Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill Implodes

President Barack Obama is calling on Senate Democrats to come to the White House for a meeting on Tuesday to discuss the imploding fortunes of the pro-abortion health care bill. The meeting comes one day after Obama had scheduled a meeting with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

It also comes as some Democrats are seen as falling away from supporting the bill.

Sen. Joe Lieberman has renewed his pledge to filibuster the legislation over the inclusion of the public option. Sen. Ben Nelson has said he will oppose the bill as well because of the abortion funding contained in it.

And other Democrats are sounding negative themes and members such as Blanch Lincoln, Mary Landrieu, and even Jim Webb of Virginia, are seen as potential no votes.

The meeting also comes as reports have surfaced showing the White House supposedly telling Reid to cut a political deal with Lieberman to salvage his vote.

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