Monday, December 21, 2009

Senate Clears Major Health Care Vote 60-40

This socialized "healthcare:

  • will cost over a Trillion dollars
  • is over 2,000 pages
  • will fund and greatly expand abortion:
  • was voted on at 1 a.m. this morning
  • will have a stealth vote on Christmas eve
  • is being written behind closed doors
  • has not been seen by anyone except Harry Reid's inner circle


The U.S. Senate voted 1 a.m. Monday morning to close debate on the manager's amendment to the health bill, delivering a critical victory to Democrats who had worked furiously to hold together 60 votes for the bill's most significant vote yet.

Senators remained at their desks for the vote - a procedure reserved for only the most solemn occasions - to vote along strict party lines for cloture on the amendment, 60-40. The vote is generally considered a litmus test for securing the success of the bill in the remainder of Senate votes.

The cloture vote begins a series of votes that is expected to stretch until late Christmas Eve. Democrats are preparing for a prolongated battle with Republicans, who have sworn to use every tactic possible to delay the passage of a massive bill they say they have been allowed no say in crafting.

Nebraska Democrat Senator Ben Nelson, who had been the last major Democrat-caucusing holdout against the bill over its massive federal abortion funding, suddenly capitulated following Friday night negotiations, settling for a watered-down compromise that leaves the funding intact.

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