Monday, February 8, 2010

Barack Obama: It's all about him, not about us

 Barack Obama continues to display his incessant narcissim and desire for control, even in the face of the tragic circumstances that this country and many of its citizens find themselves in, as a result of his actions and those of other politicians.

In the video clip below, Barack Obama tells the tale of a lady who wanted to be buried in an Obama t-Shirt. The crowd laughs, but Obama is dead serious.  This story is about him, not about the poor woman who was without health care.

My family has been without health care (and we desperately need coverage) for some time now, but there is no way I would ever wear an Obama t-shirt! Barack Obama is the hero of the culture of death -- he and his phony "health care" plan supports abortion, euthanasia, and he wants to bankrupt this country with it . It is not health care -- it's death care! Health care is all about him, not about the people who need it. He is obsessed with obtaining power and control over everything -- even over the lives of the people in this country.