Friday, March 5, 2010

Obama, Democrats Set March 18 as Date for Pro-Abortion Health Care Vote

NOW is the time to contact your Representatives and Senators. Barry and the Dems are going to ram Obamacare down our throats; They clearly don't care how many people DON'T want this.

Mark your calendars for March 18 as that is the target date President Barack Obama and his Democratic allies in Congress have set as the target date for a vote on the pro-abortion Senate health care bill. That means pro-life advocates have two weeks to contact lawmakers and urge them to vote no.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said today that Obama hopes to get the bill approved by that date.

March is when Obama leaves for an international trip and Gibbs told reporters at a briefing this morning that it makes a convenient target.

"We're leaving on March 18 and we believe that we're on schedule, based on our conversations with the Speaker and the majority leader, to get something done by then," Gibbs said Thursday morning on MSNBC. "I think this is going to get done in the next couple of weeks."

With the reconciliation bill that will follow not making any changes to the massive abortion funding and pro-abortion problems the Senate bill invites, stopping the Senate bill in the House is the main priority.

Thanks to the opposition from pro-life Democrats, pro-life advocates may be able to complicate the numbers game for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. But Gibbs thinks there will be enough votes for the bill.