Friday, March 19, 2010

Tug of War: 'Do not be Fooled' by Catholic Groups' Health Bill Support, Say Bishops

How ironic. Just when the Bishops are doing the right thing by opposing this abortion-expanding, healthcare-rationing bill, groups of dissenting nuns and "pretend to be" Catholic groups are supporting it.

The Catholic bishops of Denver have sent out an urgent message to members of their flock, warning that Catholic groups that have come out in favor of the abortion-expanding Senate health care legislation are "undermining the leadership of the nation's Catholic bishops" and "sowing confusion among faithful Catholics" in doing so. The statement came just before White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on Thursday used the support of such groups as testimony to the bill's good standing with Catholics.

"In the past two days, congressional leaders and the White House have brought tremendous pressure on prolife Democratic members of Congress to support a fatally flawed Senate version of health care reform," states the brief alert signed by Archbishop Charles Chaput and Bishop James Conley.

"Regrettably, groups like Network and the Catholic Health Association have done a grave disservice to the American Catholic community by undermining the leadership of the nation's Catholic bishops, sowing confusion among faithful Catholics, and misleading legislators through their support of the Senate bill," they continue.

"Do not be fooled. Nothing has changed. 



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