Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama Care is not the Answer

My humble opinion

In Britain, one million patients who have received medical care from the government have received 'cruel and neglectful' care.

If you think that this couldn't happen in our country -- think again. Whenever you have government controlled health care - it follows that there will be health care rationing and the way in which medical professionals will care for patients and the type of treatment they provide will be dictated by the government.  Secular values will be imposed on both the patient and the health care providers and any deviation from them will result in fines and / or imprisonment.

The Obama administration is committed to upholding culture of death values -- abortion is equated with having a tonsillectomy, the disabled and the elderly are viewed as unnecessary drains on the system, and both are seen as candidates for assisted suicide or euthanasia. There is a total absence of the value that we hold sacred -- the sanctity of human life.

How can this be? 

Cost-cutting is the bottom line.  Money, instead of compassionate health care for those who are in need, is the focus of this administration's government run health care program.

There is no magic cure for what ails the health care problem in this country, but Obama Care is not the answer.

I invite each one of you to join us in a day of prayer and fasting on September 11 in an effort to stop this evil bill from becoming law.

As Catholics, we know that prayer is powerful and that the combination of prayer and fasting can result in miracles. The health care reform bill mandates abortion, rations health care, violates the conscience rights of health care professionals, and supports assisted suicide as well as euthanasia. It is an evil bill that must be defeated. I believe that our day of prayer and fasting will help to accomplish that goal.

~ Jean M. Heimann