Thursday, September 10, 2009

You Could See It Coming a Mile Away

From my post of February 8, before Obama and his anti-life legislators began shoving their "health care" travesty down America's throat...

In one of his first acts as US president, Barack Obama authorized spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to stifle foreign populations. US House majority leader Nancy Pelosi, convinced children are bad for the economy, wants to spend even more to stamp out childbirth at home. This, even while scraping the barrel to fund astronomical bailouts.

Who do they think will fund their programs as barren taxpayers age and retire?

The answer is clear: no one. Rather than increase revenues, they'll decrease expenditures. For Pelosi, Obama and their fellow utilitarians, killing is once again the answer. Just like they sold abortion to a generation indoctrinated in women's rights, they'll sell euthanasia to a shrinking electorate saddled with trillions in debt and a graying generation of unproductive consumers.

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