Friday, October 2, 2009

Letter From 183 House Members Urges Pelosi to Allow Vote to Cut Abortion Funding

The number of Congressmen and Congresswomen seeking to exclude abortion funding from healthcare continues to grow to a number that even CINO Pelosi can't ignore them.

A bipartisan group of 183 members of Congress sent House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a letter on Monday urging her to allow a vote on an amendment to cut the massive abortion funding and subsidies from the main health care "reform" bill in the chamber.

HR 3200 currently allows for both abortion subsidies and mandates and pro-life Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak of Michigan wants the opportunity to propose an amendment to remove the funding from the bill.

"We urge you to allow members of the House to vote their consciences with regard to abortion and health care reform by allowing consideration of an amendment to prohibit government funding of abortion," the letter says.
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