Friday, October 2, 2009

"America's Best Friend": Obama Healthcare Cartoon

PRI has released a new video skewering President Obama’s purported health care reform, a video which characterizes the plan as a large, not-terribly-bright dog—well-meaning, but unwittingly destructive.

“This government plan is heavy-handed, out-of-touch, and ultimately not the answer to whatever health care problems are out there,” said Colin Mason, PRI’s Director of Media Production. “This cartoon is intended to illustrate that in a way that we can all relate to:.”

The video was hand-animated by PRI staffers Joseph Powell and Joan Robinson, who stated that they don’t believe there is anything else quite like this on the health-care video scene.

“In addition to being hand-animated by our staff,” said Powell, “we think its quality, simply as a humorous piece, is pretty high. We decided that our primary goal was to point out the utter absurdity of Obama’s plan, and we think this video does this nicely.”

“Obamacare will take a big bite out of health care for seniors,” said Steve Mosher, PRI’s president, “which is why it’s only appropriate to illustrate it as a bumbling canine who does far more harm than good.”

The video is available at PRI’s YouTube page, or by visiting PRI’s web site.