Thursday, December 17, 2009

Obamacare: B.O.'s lies, fear mongering, reckless spending, and promotion of the culture of death lead to one thing...

Barack Obama appeared in an interview with ABC's Charlie Gibson trying to scare the American people into supporting Obamacare. In the span of 1 minute he spins many lies and uses fear mongering.

If Obama's horrific bill does pass most of his dire predictions will come true and more
. Obama has already spent way too much of taxpayer's money through his wasteful and ineffective stimulus package. Now, he wants us to pay taxes for several years on a plan that will not go into effect until 2014, but that will also allow the federal government to: dictate which doctors we can see, decide how much and what type of health care we need, if any, and determine whether we live or die. Under Obamacare, the federal government will force us to pay for: abortion, death panels, and euthanasia. Under Obamacare, healthcare conscience protection rights will be non-existent. Authentic healthcare, as we have known it in our lifetime, will be non-existent. What's more, I am convinced this horrible plan will drive our country into the black hole of bankruptcy. I personally think B.O. is trying to destroy this country with all the reckless spending he is doing. Anyone with the least bit of common sense knows that you don't keep spending money you don't have to get out of debt. It might be a different story if he had spent the stimulus money on something useful or invested it in the future well-being of this country -- but what he has used it for is to promote the culture of death! Where are the jobs that it was supposed to produce? They are non-existent! If we allow him to keep spending our money to promote his culture of death, what kind of country will this be? Non-existent!