Saturday, March 20, 2010

Roe-Era Snake Oil: Democrats Sell Abortion as "Preventive Health Care"

Late last year, Sen. Barbara Mikulski of Maryland, among the most strident and unabashed leaders of America's culture of death, claimed that abortion is "preventive health care." When I read her remark, this cartoon popped instantly to mind.

In Mikulski's dark and twisted world, abortion is a panacea not just for children, but for parents. No more burdensome daycare costs, monotonous soccer matches, cacophonous piano recitals, gratuitous orthodontist bills, skyrocketing tuition payments. And thanks to the Democrat majority in the US Senate, Mikulski's diabolic definition of preventive medicine is included in their health care bill, giving lackeys like anti-life Health & Human Services boss Kathleen Sebelius the power to send billions to "community health centers" like Planned Parenthood.

In the long run, this means fewer and fewer taxpayers and ever deeper cuts in entitlements like Social Security and the Democrats' health care travesty. But therein lies the lynchpin of socialized medicine. If ObamaCare becomes law, it should come as no surprise to aging voters that there exists a post-natal analogue of abortion. And whether it's called palliative care, cost containment, death with dignity or some other innocuous term, many will find that euthanasia is their reward for having supported America's party of death.

What goes around does, indeed, come around.